Gonzales Out

The Attorney General steps down, joining Karl Rove and Tony Snow as August departures from the Bush Administration. Whatever his other merits or faults, Gonzales had to be one of the most politically incompetent people ever to hold such a high position in Washington. It’s hard to think of anything he touched in six and a half years in Washington that didn’t end up getting President Bush the worst possible press (with the arguable exception of when he advised Bush not to put Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court).
I have to assume that Larry Thompson and/or Michael Chertoff will be the replacement. Both are quality guys, although not without their faults – Chertoff alienated a lot of conservatives during the immigration battle and took some heat for Hurricane Katrina.
UPDATE: Chertoff seems to be the rumored candidate…his record at Homeland Security has been checkered, and I always thought he was more suited for the AG job anyway. But like Gonzales he has a serious political tin ear. Of course, a Chertoff nomination means having to get a new Homeland Security head as well. Apparently Paul Clement will run DOJ for now, although I’m sure he will be more than happpy to get back to his day job as Solicitor General as fast as he can.

6 thoughts on “Gonzales Out”

  1. Gonzales was a mess, is Chertoff a step up? I can’t think of a thing he has done well. His public comments post immigration rejection bordered on the pathetic. Of the three, Rove was a player, Snow an all star, AG had an in.

  2. It will be a sight to see which lapdog, incompetent crony they appoint for the job. Anything else would be a major change in philosophy.

  3. You could replace “Gonzales” with “Craig” at this point. Hey, another hypocrite to fall in love with! The GOP is looking a lot like the Tory party in the 80’s what with all the gay-baiting/bashing closet cases and sex scandals.

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