The Driver’s Seat

The Mets may not be in clinch mode, but they sure are looking like they have the NL East well in hand. Yet again today, Pedro was not dominating, but showed he could turn the dials when he needed to, and had that one inning with the three strikeouts when he made the Astros look like amateurs. Between him and Wagner getting back on track, I’m feeling pretty good about the next 4-8 weeks.
Guillermo Mota is another story. I know Randolph is basically playing the elimination game right now to see which pitchers to give roles to in October, but Mota sure is not making a good case for himself.

2 thoughts on “The Driver’s Seat”

  1. They are just what we said the were opening day: the best team in the NL. Two things no one realized though:
    1. In some ways they are better off with Green at first instead of Delgado. Only because Delgado was just so awful at the plate this year. With signs he was coming out of it; as a fielder he was ok. Green surprised me: as terrible and slow as he is in the outfield, he seems to have good footwork at first (more important than speed), and has instincts of a first baseman.
    2. The bullpen has been really poor. Not a surprise. With the exception of the great closers, relievers are rarely great year after year. So Heilman say, is actually good where he is, rather steady and reliable. Makes him very valuable there for a long career–I hope he soon understands that.
    Also, David Wright. Shortened his swing back to what it was, what a great pleasure to watch him grow into what he can be, and it is something to behold. Always the truth: what happens when you merge great athletic skills with drive and intelligence?

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