Paul Krugman’s Dream World

Paul Krugman apparently has a blog at the NY Times site (now that they are giving it away for more than it is worth), and Tom Maguire actually read an entire post there, on how Krugman’s utopia – reduced income inequality – requires a revival of the FDR years. Maguire:

Of course, as a policy prescription, urging Dems to inflict a depression and world war on the rest of us in order to achieve Krugman’s vision of greater income [equality] may seem a bit harsh, so I can see why he shies away from that.


Krugman wants to return us to a happy place we reached by way of war and depression, a place where minorities and women could not work, and where illegal immigrants toiled in the fields but nowhere else. And he wants to pretend that is not how we got there, and not where we were. Good luck. Let’s hope his subsequent blog offerings show a bit more of a basis in reality.

Good luck with that.