5 thoughts on “The Logical Capstone To Milton Bradley’s Career”

  1. I’m near to the last person to defend Bradley. However, this does seem like a continuation of a pattern of more confrontational umpires. If the ump actually saw Bradley throw the bat at the plate umpire he should of thrown him out right then. If he didn’t deal with it immediately he should have just saved it for his post game report.
    As far as Bradley goes, if you spend your life with a big ol’ chip on your shoulder it will fall off occasionally. Life is tough when you’re always having to bend over to pick up your chip. Going to be even harder with a bad knee.

  2. This really is one of those cases where both sides are to blame. It does seem like the umpire unneccessarily escalated the situation, but that still doesn’t justify Milton’s behavior.
    There really is something going on with umpires. I don’t know if they’re more confrontational than they’ve been ijn the past, but it sure seems that way.

  3. Assuming that the facts are as alleged, the Padres should release Bradley and sue to nullify the remainder of his contract on grounds of misconduct leading to inability to perform, and those two umpires should be fired, banned from MLB, and MLB should sue to deny them any benefits that might have already vested to them on grounds of breach of contract and extreme misconduct. If the umpires’ union chooses to fight this. . .well, one umpires’ union has been squashed for hubris before–another one would be good clean fun.

  4. Not to mention stepping on a teammate’s hand (Mike Cameron) while trying to field a ball in the outfield, causing him to miss the rest of the season, and oh, by the way, possibly causing your team to fall out of the playoff race.

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