Funeral For A Friend

Was at Shea tonight. Don’t want to talk about it.
Attending Mets games at this point is like visiting a terminally ill friend or relative; it doesn’t get better, you feel worse, but you somehow feel obligated to be there.

9 thoughts on “Funeral For A Friend”

  1. That sums up the feeling well. Can we get the Solo grrl in for a pep talk? I have had that fatal feeling for a week, my 11 year old is a kool aid drinking believer. He has no doubt they will pull out of this spin. He also thinks Brandon Jacobs is the next Jim Brown. Youth, a beautiful thing. 2 back of the Pads in the WC, and little reason to think the Phils will give it back.
    Well we’ve been thru the river on team with no spine, it felt good to get out of Shea…
    Odd thing is, I think they take the next 2, will the Phils drop one? It is a good team playing badly, although that has happened 3 sept in a row.

  2. Actually Abe, I don’t think they are that good. At least, not that complete. A very good lineup that weathered lots of slumps.. But if you’ve ever read an article by Red Smith on the 1930 Phils (greatest offensive output in history at one time), he summed it up with the phrase, “Willoughby now pitching.” Poor Claude Willoughby. Doomed to always come in when the inevitable pitching breakdown occurred. Plain and simple: their young arms were untrained for the stretch run, and the old arms couldn’t keep up. Doesn’t mean they can’t squeak in, but teams with little hitting can win, teams with little pitching can’t. Not ever.
    So, after this train wreck, I think I’ll stick with the Pro Bowling Tour, and Dodgeball. Just keep that TV tuned to ESPN 8, the Ocho.

  3. Things are so bad, that I, a lifelong Cubs fan who has never gotten over 1969, feel bad for you. No team or its fans deserve this kind of slow motion wreck. Sincerely hope you pull out of it.

  4. You may be right Daryl. Regardless, we are witnessing an organization have a Buckner moment. Wonder what Bob Sikes take is.

  5. It reminds me of the Phillies implosion in 1964. 6 1/2 games up with 10 to go, they eventually were passed by the Cardinals. In that case, Manager Gene Mauch decided to go with two excellent pitchers (Jim Bunning and Chris Short) each on two days rest. Short story: insufficient rest, bad choice.
    The Mets don’t have anyone who comes close to Bunning and Short to even serve as a losing streak stopper. However you want to slice it (80%, 90% whatever) it’s all about the arms and defense. A good staff and errorless free fielding will make 2 runs work, and that just ain’t happening at Shea.

  6. Well, John Maine brings the Mets down the home stretch, and the Phils and Pads both lose. The Mets do need to do some work to prove the deserve to make the playoffs, but they do at least control their destiny.
    I’m pretty curious who the Mets plan to start on Monday, if the opportunity arises. I guess it would be Pedro on three days rest, but I wouldn’t expect more than four or five innings from him.

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