Johnny Leyritz

If you are going to shoot at the king, you better kill him. I have a bad feeling that the Indians will live to regret not putting away the Yankees after Clemens went down, and the torch officially passed from Clemens to Phil Hughes.

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  1. I suspect the same. I guess Wang is pitching against Byrd in game four, which should favor the Yankees. And I don’t think ARod will stay quiet forever.

  2. Still gotta beat Sabathia in Cleveland. I think it really doesn’t matter…Especially if it goes 5, neither of these teams are beating the Sox…Sox can only beat themselves (which they do, of course, but they’re just the class of the AL)…

  3. I agree with Crank; Wang is a lot better in the Bronx. You go to a 5th game, you never know who or what is going to happen. However, Pettit is the best big game pitcher in baseball today.
    I may hate the Bombers, but I love baseball, and really, is there much better (AL anyway) baseball than Yankees Red Sox for a title?

  4. Well the postseason has worked out as well as possible since the Flushing Fiasco. Phillies and Yanks sent packing, that is a relief. End of Torre era? Arod?

  5. Unfortunately for the Yankees, the goat of the series was Wang, who is probably the least-replaceable guy on the team, and is virtually certain to be one of their top two postseason options again next year.
    I guess Torre will be out, although I don’t see the wisdom of that if they are going to replace him with Don Mattingly, who strikes me as just a less experienced Torre. I don’t know if Joe Girardi could coexist with a team of high-priced stars, but he would at least bring a change of style.

  6. Best named bandied about re Yankee manager: Bobby the V. I love the V, doubt Jeter, Petite, Posada feel the same.

  7. That would be an interesting choice. I’ve always found it odd that Bobby didn’t get another job after the Mets, where I thought he did good work but just wore out his welcome.

  8. How different will the Yankees be next year. Torre-gone, Pettite-likely gone, Posada-likely gone, A-Rod-hard to say but I think he chooses to leave, Clemens-well we all saw the Classic Roger “I have to exit early due to a previous injury after putting the team in a hole” Moment. Gone. Done. Good Riddance, Abreu-gone, Minky-gone, Giambi-gone if they can figure out how to make him go away.
    That was a bizarre series in which Jeter absolutely sucked, Wang looked like (ouch) Calvin Schrialdi circa… (can’t even say it), Matsui looked terrible, A-Rod wasn’t as bad as usual but still wasn’t good in opportunities to change the game (Game 2 especially) and their bullpen was clearly a 2 man situation. It would be fun to put this all on A-Rod and point out that for the 11th time in his 13 year career his team got or performed worse than the previous year (all 3 years in Texas count even though they were essentially the same-dead last), but given how attrocious the whole team was against the Indians it would seem to be overstating things. At the end I was pulling for the Yankees because Cleveland was so clearly superior.
    Would seem the Yankees try and get Santana, a couple of sticks for right and first and go with a younger crowd.
    I totally whiffed on the DS predicitons. Not even close. I’ll go with Colorado in 4 just because I think they forgot how to lose and the Red Sox in 6 because I think they are a bit better across the board and it appears that the Ortiz/Ramirez combo may not be human after posting a combined .533/.731/1.333 with 4 HRs, 7 RBIs and 8 runs. I also think that MLB will do anything to avoid a Cleveland vs. either NL team ratings train wreck.

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