Al Franken Spending Money But Not Getting More Well-Liked

The graphic comes from this Brian Maloney story, which goes through how Franken has outraised Norm Coleman in the race for Coleman’s Senate seat but has been burning through cash (in part because Franken still has a serious primary opponent, wealthy trial lawyer Mike Ciresi) to the point where Coleman has twice as much cash on hand, $5 million to $2.45 million.
The result:

Republicans gloated that while Franken burned more than $1 million in the second quarter, a recent Minnesota Poll gave him only a 27 percent favorable rating, compared with 52 percent for Coleman, who faces his first reelection test next year.

H/T HotAir. Coleman’s is one of the Senate seats we need to hold in 2008; hopefully, he will get some help from this sort of bumbling by one of his potential opponents.

One thought on “Al Franken Spending Money But Not Getting More Well-Liked”

  1. Sure explains Coleman going from a 22 point lead to a 10 point lead. Incumbent Republican under 50% in a blue-ish state in an election where the Republicans are having trouble raising money. Good luck on that one.

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