I have to admit here that I simply have not been able to generate enough enthusiasm to watch a lot of the postseason. I mean, I’ve tuned in and caught at least pieces of most of the games, and seen large chunks of some of them, but I haven’t really gotten into them, to the point of not being able to turn the game off and do something else. A big part of that, of course, is the sour taste left by the gruesome end to the Mets’ season, and part as well is the lack of drama, with all three series in the NL ended in sweeps and the Red Sox and Indians looking like perhaps the first truly competitive series. (The focus in the NL on expansion teams with few real marquee established stars hasn’t helped, but that alone would not turn me off otherwise).
Of course, it often only takes one game to suck you back in. There’s still time.

12 thoughts on “Malaise”

  1. I’ve been into the Sox/Indians series, but while I was waiting for the NL series to get interesting, it ended.

  2. The Indians are going to beat the Sox. I said before the season started that if the Tribe solved their bullpen issues that they were the best team and I ahven’t seen anything to change my mind. Yes, Papi and manny are better than Hafner and Martinez, but the other 7 positions in the lineup go to the Tribe. Starting pitching is pretty much a push, but the bullpen favors Cleveland. It may take 6 games, but the Indians are World Series bound.

  3. Rockies/Dbacks was fun, the Upton interference was a bit of excitement. If it had occurred in Yanks/Sox ALCS would be talked about for quite some time. Otherwise you missed little: a Yankee announcer broke down in tears and Chip Caray was remarkably bad. I was staying away, but the quick Yankee and Philly exits drew me back in. Rockies are an easy team to root for. What type of ratings will a Colorado-Cleveland World Series generate?

  4. Yeah, the Sox could never come from a game down in a 7 game series. This series is very even and a win tonight gives them a giant advantage as the pitching actually favors the Red Sox.

  5. I’m not counting the Sox out, but that game had bad feel to it. Early opportunity for a big inning wasted, Papi nailed by the grounder. The pitching advantage will never be better for the Sox than it was last night. The Colorado series was pretty even, it ended in 4. If Wakefield goes tonight and his pitches are dancing it could throw the Indians for a loop. If they are not dancing it gets very ugly early.

  6. I have a good feeling about Tim Wakefield, his bad back and lifetime 15.68 ERA in the post-season vs. Cleveland. I feel like last night’s game was at once a summary of the season (the Sox hardly ever score when Dice-K pitches and he nibbles around the plate like a goldfish with a pinch of food) and just plain freaky (Ortiz getting hit by the batted ball and a few rockets hit by the Sox turning into outs and double plays). I think tonight is huge. Sox win then it is Beckett vs. CC. Who you taking there?

  7. Beckett, Yank series ended when they failed to pound CC when he did not have his A game. The Sox saw the same performance and they hammered him.

  8. The Sox-Indians series is just deadly, really. The one on now is supposedly a 3 hour game, and no way does it end in less than 3 and a half, with 4 likely. There’s a real chance of this ending on Thurs, and then almost a week off.
    Poor scheduling, drawn out CS – day of rest every time, really?, no compelling storyline, pushing the NLCS onto TBS (no HD for that, another annoyance). Meh.
    MLB needs to carve off 2 weeks of the season, one on each side, and tighten up these series.
    I hope it snows.

  9. Any true baseball fan – someone who is a fan of more then just one team – has got to love the Rockies. First because of the unreal run they are on. But also because they play unbelievable defense. Tulowitski is great, the outfield is great, and as a Met fan it pains me to say it, but even Matsui has played great defense.
    And to show what a crapshoot the playoffs can be, it looks like the Rockies will play the Indians in the Series. Both have talented, deep lineups. But they have won in the playoffs because they take advantage of every opportunity. BA w/ RISP, two out RBI … those “clutch” metrics are dominated by the Rockies and Indians this post season. Which must make the saber geeks cringe, because apparently they are unpredictable.

  10. I agree, Ron. Re Matsui, was it health? pressure? sake? karaoke? No ill will, but he had his chance and was flat awful at Shea. Why?

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