A Question For Red Sox Fans

Does JD Drew still suck?
Besides last night, there’s the fact that Drew batted .289/.468/.384 from May 27 through the end of the year, .297/.477/.398 from June 15 on, .322/.523/.416 from August 6 on. I know there were a lot of disappointments, and certainly Drew’s price tag is ridiculous, but he’s spent a lot of the season getting blamed for having a bad first two months. The man can still hit.
PS – And tonight, we find out whether Red Sox Nation will pick “love” or “hate” for Dice K.

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  1. In Boston a moment can erase a mountain of evidence. JD went a long way toward that last night. He will likely never be much of a fan fave in Boston. That, however, is pretty much par for the course for him where ever he does (or does not) go.
    All they will ask of Dice-K is to pound the strike zone for 5 innings. Don’t nibble, don’t run every 0-2 count to 3-2. Throw strikes. The Sox are so clearly the better team, especially at this point, that he should pitch with the confidence the rest of the team has. They have this year given him a disturbing lack of run support in a preponderance of his starts. He pitches better from ahead. If JD can go GS in the first again, that would be super.
    Go Sox!

  2. Crank,
    You didn’t mention his total lack of home run power. You also didn’t mention that if you look at his splits, his batting average in innings 1-6 is about .286, whereas in innings 6-9, it’s .231. Also, he K’ed in about 1 of every 4 PAs in the lat innings (compared to about 1 out of every 6 PAs in the first 6 innings).
    I can’t find how may GWRBI he had this year, but I’m guessing the number is shockingly low.

  3. In SEP I said to everyone who would listen JD is a good player and I expect he will make a positive impact in the playoffs. I didn’t realize we were supposed to be mad at Dice K – a better first year in the AL (by a large amount) then Beckett. Let’s not confuse BSG and the pink hatters with the entire fan base.

  4. No — with that one swing on Saturday night, all is forgiven. He set the tone for Game 6 and Game 7 — showing the Sox could compete without Becket; he took an enourmous amount of pressure of the aging Curt Schilling and his 85 mph fast ball, and also took pressure off Manny and Ortiz who were starting to cool off. Still a bit overpriced, but with that one swing, we’re happy to have him aboard.

  5. Do you think the Jack Welch effect played a role in the bench stepping up to produce this weekend i.e. when Tito finally benched Coco Crisp, the rest of the guys who were riding on Manny/Ortiz’ backs realized they better start producing or they maybe picking splinters out of their butts?

  6. Not really. Pedroia had hit the ball hard (liner that CC snagged, liner that Cabrera made a great leaping grab on, etc.) and had little to show for it. They just started to fall in. Varitek hits in bunches or not at all and he sure ain’t losing his job. Drew is Drew. Lugo got a hit. The team can hit and with 1-5 really swinging it right now anything they can get from 6-9 is great.
    In the six years I have had the privelege to watch Manny hit he may be swinging the bat as beautifully right now as I have ever seen. He is getting full extension and incredible bat speed on every cut.

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