Title Town

Congratulations to the Red Sox, and also to the Rockies, whose run was one for the ages even if the coach did turn to a pumpkin at the end.
Of course it is possible that some year will yet see a Boston team losing a world’s championship.

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  1. In 2004 for game 4 I was as tense as you can imagine still feeling like the Cardinals were a good enough team to make things tight and that the Sox were, well, still the Sox. Last night I did not even bother watching until the 5th inning (largely because I was still working) and was completely unconcerned the entire contest. No doubt in large part because, while the Rockies are a scrappy team, they are no where near being in the same category as the Red Sox and even a comeback win last night only earned them the right to face Josh Beckett.
    Classy move on Boras’ part last night. Smart but not exactly in good taste but I guess that is what you get with that guy.

  2. I’m not sure how it’s even smart to opt out without even listening to the Yankees’ offer. You would think that would set a baseline for talking to other teams.

  3. All the days off really killed the Rockies momentum. I think the Sox planned a 7-game ALCS just to make sure that the Rockies lost every ounce of momentum..

  4. Clearly David Stern engineered the sweep to ensure that NBA opening night would have the sports calendar to itself!
    [/Sports Guy]

  5. The Red Sox are traditionally an early part of the century team — so this is really nothing new, and get ready for another dozen or so years of dominance.

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