Rue-less Joe

The ant-war wackos who tried, and failed, to throw Joe Lieberman out of the Senate now have to live with the fact that Lieberman is free to say what he thinks – and whatever his sorrow-not-anger shtick, I suspect he is relishing being a thorn in the side of his former party’s presidential contenders.
Lieberman is dead right about the irresponsibility of Senators who voted to deny the role of Iranian units in arming terrorists:

“I thought it was so direct, factual, based on evidence the U.S. military has given us of the involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in training and equipping Iraqi extremists who… have been responsible for the killing of hundreds of American soldiers.”
Chuckling a bit, apparently in disbelief, Lieberman asked, “How can you vote against a request that the administration impose economic sanctions on a group that the U.S. military has presented us ample evidence is a terrorist group killing American soldiers?”

2 thoughts on “Rue-less Joe”

  1. “The ant-war wackos who tried, and failed, to throw Joe Lieberman out of the Senate”
    True, but they also wanted him out of the party as a show of force – and they succeeded at that. you neglect to mention the lies he told while campaigning, and how he kept a job in part because of that.
    The Saudis have had hundreds, if not thousands, of their citizens join as irregulars against us and the Iraqis.
    And we choose ping pong (,9171,1673270,00.html) over sanctions.
    Strange, that.

  2. Lieberman citing the military.Now there’s two impeccable sources without an agenda of their own.
    Who could have possibly forseen that removing the Baathist Sadaam from power would have enabled Iraqi Shiites (60% of the population) largely sympathetic to Iran (that would describe the current government we are supporting in Baghdad)to fill the power void.
    And of course it’s the Iranians arming the Sunni insurgents (with devices easily crafted in any garage using arms and explosives lifted from depots left unsecured by the invasion and occupation because Shinseki was right about how many troops were necessary to do it properly) who are responsible for the majority of American deaths in Iraq.
    Dave is correct,also,in pointing out that the vast majority of foreign fighters in Iraq (except for Americans,of course) are Sunnis streaming in from our allied countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia,Jordan,and Egypt.
    Accusations against the Iranians serve two purposes.One is to assign blame for the major fuck-up that we’ve created in Iraq.The other is to justify a widening of the war,which was the intent from it’s inception.

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