Heroes Under Fire

If you read just one story this week about Iraq, make sure that it’s Jeff Emanuel’s story of incredible perseverance under fire by four U.S. Army snipers surrounded and badly outnumbered on a rooftop in Samarra in August 2007. Really, print it out and read it at leisure, but make sure you read it.
You might also go by Jeff’s site and toss some cash his way to support the kind of front-line reporting that made this possible.

3 thoughts on “Heroes Under Fire”

  1. I read the story over @ Powerline and I was stunned. I’m in the Army and had never heard of this fight. It’s a shame that such Honor and Personal Courage gets passed over and, were it not for Mr. Emanuel’s writing, forgotten.

  2. As I have said before, the problem in Iraq is not the troops. They are as brave as ever.

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