Off The Lidge

I wasquite unhappy to see the Phillies swing a deal to get Brad Lidge (with a couple of other useful players changing sides in the deal), who I had sort of been hoping the Mets might pursue. Lidge wore out his welcome for good reasons in Houston, and even after winning back the closer job he pitched badly down the stretch, with ERAs above 5.00 each of the last two months. So the Phillies get a quality arm, but one who may or may not be a reliable closer; it still improves their pen. But a team with an established closer could probably have put Lidge in the setup role where he has seemed more comfortable since 2005’s fiasco.
The other major deal so far is a depressing one all around – for the Braves, who dealt a quality player in Edgar Renteria to replace him with a cheaper youngster, and for the Tigers, who made final the admission that Carlos Guillen has gone from a top-hitting shortstop to a first baseman whose bat will be unremarkable for the position.
Since the Tigers were dealing from need, the deal has little upside for them, and instead fixes a hole, upgrading offensively – though not dramatically, in the long term – from Sean Casey to Renteria. The Braves could well end up with a great deal if 25 year old shortstop Yunel Escobar and the two prospects they got for Renteria – Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens – pan out (from what I gather, Moff Jurrjens is the better prospect of the two). Or, they could just like players with unusual names.

3 thoughts on “Off The Lidge”

  1. Apparently Lidge was pitching with knee pain down the stretch, and he had surgery to fix that. He’s supposed to be ready by February.

  2. From what I’ve read, the Phillies understand they’ve bought an uncertain product in Lidge, but that’s the only way to get a decent bullpen guy on the cheap. Likely the new scene will do him well this year.
    As for Renteria, he gave the Braves two good years, but those are numbers he’s put up before, and has had the Boston lows before Boston. The bigger problem is he can be anywhere from the .270’s to the .330’s, more of a year to year kinda guy.

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