The Static Channel

Apologies for the general lack of content and specific lack of baseball content – it’s been crazy in a couple of ways, and I admit that the baseball stuff has been crowded out a bit from all the work that has gone into the Romney series, of which two installments remain. Hopefully I can return soon to the hot stove league and postseason awards beat.

2 thoughts on “The Static Channel”

  1. No problem partner. We’ve all got real jobs too. You’ve got to take care of your main business first.

  2. Maybe when you’re done explaining why Romney is the wrong guy,you could explain why Guiliani is Mr.Right.
    A good starting point would be a point-by-point refutation of Wayne Barrett’s reporting that reveals Guiliani’s Gore-like ‘exaggeration’ (some might say lies) of his ‘tough on terrorism’ credentials e.g. his ‘role’ in the Klinghoffer investigation or his studied disinterest in the 1993 WTC bombing,an explanation of his ‘good’ executive judgement regarding Kerik (that includes his endorsement of the indictee for the Homeland Security post well past the point his duplicity should have been apparent to anyone paying attention) as well as the lack of unified command and the breakdown of communications on 9/11,not to mention his insistence on placing his emergency command center in 7WTC against the better advice of his emergency services director.
    And of course,the good word on what for all intents and purposes appears to be his Romney-like ‘flip-flopping’ on social issues like gun control,gay rights,and abortion(didn’t he once offer to have the city pay for abortions for women unable to afford them?)in his courting of the religious right,including the eminently sane Pat Robertson,who if I’m not mistaken suggested 9/11 was God punishing the US for it’s tolerance of homosexuals,abortion,and women’s rights.

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