3 thoughts on “What Could Eliot Spitzer Do To Be *Really* Unpopular?”

  1. Seven Stages of Conservative Legal Activism:
    1. It’s a free country, but now that we have scred you enough X is now illegal.
    2. The Constitution prohibits X from being made illegal, but if the Presidnet is told that he disagrees, he doesn’t have to follow the Constitution.
    3. If the president says there is no right to X, how can it be immoral to deny x? Anyone who disagrees is a traitor.
    4. If X is not a Constitutional right because the prsident says so, we can easily deny it to the poor? They don’t vote for us anyway.
    5. The Constitution requires that taxpayer money be given to to rich people.
    6. People who refuse to agree with the president are not supporting our troops.
    7. People who publicly disagree with presidents are traitors who support the terrorists.

  2. The latest story about Spitzer does not surprise me in the least. How could anyone expect anything intelligent from this clown after his performance as AG. From bullying corporate leaders to doing his best to erase the 2nd Amendment, Eliot Spitzer has earned a special place on my list of incredible jerks. Glad to see him slink away from drivers licenses to illegal aliens and taxing internet purchases, but I warn you that he’ll do it again as soon as he thinks he can get away with it.

  3. More than likely Schumer slapped him into submission. He would probably have pointed out that Chuck would simply get another candidate in 3 years, and see to it he couldn’t be elected dog catcher.

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