4 thoughts on “If It’s Possible, All Three of Them Will Lose”

  1. I guess Cuban thinks he can’t win a debate without Olbermann’s help. Wow, am I impressed. Another reason to root against the Mavericks. Go Kings.

  2. O’Reilly can’t even win debates against Geraldo. I’m guessing he couldn’t win a debate against a sandwich bag. Comes with the territory of being intellectually dishonest, stupid and loud.

  3. What would Olbermann have to lose?
    Wouldn’t that be like Donny Deutch getting a debate on CNBC between OJ and Fred Goldman (relatively speaking)?
    Biggest loser of this: Avery Johnson
    Classiest guy in the NBA since Joe Dumars & his owner is too busy scarring the image of his team for everyone to recognize exactly how good a coach/person that he really is.

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