Multiple Second Choices

Matthew Cerrone, always the best source for compiling all the Mets trade/free agent rumors, notes word here and here that while the Mets were focused for some time on David Eckstein, and while Tadahito Iguchi – who I had thought might be a reasonable, inexpensive option – is asking for a 3-year deal, the team may now be on the verge of a 4-year contract for Luis Castillo.
Save us from such options. Iguchi is a solid enough bat, though he has benefitted from playing in hitters’ parks, but he’s 33 and coming off an off year; Eckstein’s 33, has no power, hasn’t played 130 games since 2005, and his value depends entirely on hitting singles and getting hit by pitches. And Castillo, who is still a useful player and was once a very fine one, is 32, has less power than Eckstein, and most of all has such bad knees that a 1-year contract is a risk, let alone 4.
I understand the need for stopgaps, but this is ridiculous. I really like Castillo, but there is no way you are going to get more than two good years out of him. At some point you might be better off taking the offensive hit to get a glove wizard like Anderson Hernandez out there. All in all, this offseason has been a frightening reminder of how slim the pickings are these days at C and SS.

5 thoughts on “Multiple Second Choices”

  1. I agree with some of the commenters at Metsblog (for a change) who note that at $6 million per, Castillo’s contract becomes somewhat eatable after two years.
    I don’t love Castillo, but he’s a better option than Ecsktein, and about on par with Iguchi. Personally, I would have gone with any combination of Gotay, Easley, and/or Hernandez.
    In the end, the Mets are going to be weakest at the two weakest positions in the sport. At least they have company.

  2. It’s a bit off this topic, but I was surprised to read that the Mets will receive the Braves’ first round draft pick as compensation for Tom Glavine. In my view, that makes the signing a really poor investment on the Braves part, and a win for the Mets.

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