…And A Tax Hike

As if he hasn’t had enough stumbles, NY Governor Eliot Spitzer is now considering breaking outright his campaign promise not to raise taxes, which he previously bent rather severely with proposed business tax hikes and aggressive sales tax enforcement against Native Americans. He’s apparently pondering an income tax hike:

Governor Spitzer is considering a proposal to raise income taxes on wealthier New Yorkers, according to a labor-backed political party that is pushing for the increase….
Support for a tax increase is coming from one of Mr. Spitzer’s firmest backers, the Working Families Party, a grassroots operation financed by a coalition of labor unions and community groups….
Party leaders have not finalized details of the plan, but they are expected to call for raising the income tax rates of New Yorkers earning at least $200,000 to $500,000 a year.

This is on top of Spitzer’s new plan to tax Internet sales and new MTA fare hikes. Because really, the first thing people think of in New York is that taxes are so low and the business climate is so friendly…

7 thoughts on “…And A Tax Hike”

  1. What, Eliot Spitzer lie? Everybody, pray and pray hard for Mike Bloomberg to get equally fed up and run for governor.

  2. Makes Arnold look very good by comparison, and I’ve really soured on him in the past two years.

  3. Gee, does life in New York state require great gobs of money? Is the governor required to fund all the special services and employees to carry out every single special service every single citizen is accustomed to? When all those special interest groups are ready to accept cuts, let Spitzer know. Until then, realize that their lobbyists will never accept a reduction in services and realize that the state legislators will carry the water for Spitzer and the voters, a task Bloomberg would have to do. which is why he’ll never run for that office. Grow up people and sniff reality.

  4. I hope Eliot taxes the bejessus out of everyone, especially the financial services industry. CT welcomes you all with open arms

  5. Crank, do you make between $200,000 and $500,000 a year? I don’t, nor do 90 some-odd percent of the population. Taxing such folks at a higher rate is a necessary evil…
    What’s that? “Big” government, and accompanying taxes bad? I know, Crank, things like National Parks, and roads, and public schools aren’t in the Constitution, so we should all build are own roads and home-school. It would be cheaper…

  6. when those folks in the top 10% all move to FL or even CT to pay less taxes, those states will gain revenue, and NY will lose revenue.
    Since all those wonderful public programs will end up with less money, I submit it is evil. And since NYS wastes money like Paris Hilton at happy hour, I can;t say it is necessary
    That’s ok. we welcome all tax exiles to the beautiful Consitution state, where we few and proud Republicans stood down the forces favoring a tax hike

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