Green Sunset

So Shawn Green has officially retired; Green says he had some interest from a number of teams but was only willing to play near home in California. That’s what you can do when you made over $100 million playing Major League Baseball and don’t want to spend a year in Milwaukee or Baltimore as a role player. From watching Green the past year and a half I can tell you he didn’t have a whole lot of quality baseball in him, but he could still have helped someone if he was platooned; his Avg/OBP/Slg last season was .326/.383/.482 against righthanders but .195/.264/.288 against lefties, and over the last four seasons it was .298/.368/.478 vs RHP, .233/.306/.385 vs LHP (a regression to his early days when he struggled against lefthanders).

2 thoughts on “Green Sunset”

  1. Green can still hit, though not at star levels. If he was right-handed, I’m sure the Mets would have tried to keep him.

  2. The NYT did a piece about him just a few days after the regular season ended last year. A couple of pictures of him walking (wandering?) around Manhattan; a couple of quotes about how hard the collapse was to take. It really seemed to have shook him up. I don’t have any numbers at hand, but I do recall him hitting pretty well in the midst of September’s free fall. Perhaps, above all, he figured that was his last best shot. Good, almost great, ballplayer who seemed like a decent guy too.

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