You Are Too Old To Vote Democrat

Left-wing, Soros-funded* interest group “America Coming Together” has produced the following advertisement to helpfully remind you that if you are anywhere near as old as McCain, nyaaah, nyaaah, nyaah you’re not cool enough to hang with the Democrats:

Via Exurban League, who breaks down voter turnout by age and remarks:

[In the ad,] twentysomethings ridicule McCain’s age for 90 seconds. Because American voters love snarky college students insulting their war-hero elders.
Only a few seconds in, I was ready to take my walking-stick and tan the hides of those insolent whippersnappers, by cracky. And I’m only 41. If they’re making punks like me feel old, I can only imagine what retirees throughout the Sun Belt will think.

H/T. Jim Geraghty thinks that “I were on Team McCain, I would make sure that ad runs in central Florida and closed-circuit television of every retirement community in the country,” and suggests that “McCain is so old” could be the new Chuck Norris Facts. Certainly, McCain’s tour harking back to the Great Depression is intended to solidify his bond with older voters, who are much more reliable than people like Obama Girl who make web videos and then don’t bother to show up and vote.
If the Left thinks you are too old, well, it’s never too late to come on over, join the adults, and vote Republican.
* – Why yes, George Soros is 78. I guess he’s not too old for these punks to take his money. That’s what grownups are there for – to pay the bills, right?

4 thoughts on “You Are Too Old To Vote Democrat”

  1. How is this “McCain is old” thing any different than the right’s incessant “Obama is inexperienced” riff? Last I checked, McCain is indeed old, and you guys keep insisting that Obama has no experience.
    I think you’d agree that based on his age, McCain is far more likely to die in office, no? This has some importance, doesn’t it?
    McCain is also white, a Vietnam veteran, and has a cheek that resembles a gerbil. Obama is black, a US Senator, and a smooth-talking style that reminds me a bit of a self-help, late-night infomercial, television preacher. Are some of these facts offensive, while others are not?
    The hypocrisy continues without abatement.

  2. You could make a video about Obama with a bunch of stuff he’s older than (the internet, IPODs, I bet you could pull out some fast food restaurants and other stuff). This add is irritating as hell to me and I’m only 30. I can’t imagine what really old people will think of it.
    If you want to say his age is relative to his health, fine. Say that. Don’t say a bunch of obnoxious junk about how he’s older than McDonalds.
    And talking about Obama’s lack of experience is not hypocrisy. I don’t mind someone mentioning that McCain is older, I just mind them snipping about it like a bunch obnoxious jerks. There is a difference.

  3. Take a remedial reading course, Mike – the main point of the piece is that the ad is counterproductive.

  4. Ah, yes, nothing like age and experience to ensure a good president. Uh, Jimmy Carter, that bastion of the freedom loving North Koreans and Hamas is now how old?
    Of all people, it was Leno who said it best, when he was talking about how some people thought Obama was “too smart.” (and no, I don’t remember the exact phrase, or his exact answer, which was:) “Shouldn’t we want our presidents to be smart?”
    Great Presidents”
    Lincoln: very smart? Guess so
    FDR: very very smart
    TR: pretty damn smart, and a lot of fun too.
    GW: nobody really knows, but guys like Franklin (way smarter than the average bear) and Jefferson (not too shabby either), and Adams (who was smart, and made damn sure you knew it) called him sir. So I guess that’s a yes.
    Reagan and Monroe: very similar. High IQs I think, and both had incredible people skills. None of this bullshit I could look into Putin’s eye stuff, both got very good people and managed them very well.
    Is it the only qualifier? Of course not.
    Woodrow Wilson: very smart, also very bigoted, and caused millions of deaths. Thanks for the Fed though Woody.
    Jimmy Carter: Really, not all that smart. Had some good naval education, but really, his being a “nukuler enguhneeah)” had more to do with Rickover’s running a nuclear navy than Carter going to Cal Tech to study with Wheeler (who just died, may he RIP). Which he wouldn’t do, since they don’t have a peanut farming program.
    Really, there is no way to tell what makes a great president, but the common denominator is their ability to take some excellent subordinates and have them work cooperatively, even if they don’t agree. And the great ones seemed to have them disagree on things, to get a better answer from all sides. Carter had a bunch of weak sisters, not good with a weak president, and Bush gets rid of those who disagree. That’s one reason they both stink.

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