19 thoughts on “Some Guys Have All The Luck”

  1. Ouch. You actually do *NOT* care for any team… no way, no how… except those rich-but-foolish-spending Mets, eh?
    Sucks to be you. Next thing you’ll post is how McCain somehow, urm, deserves to be holding the most powerful office on this planet, right?
    Oh. Wait. Damn, you already have.

  2. As opposed to the “deserving” media created empty suit with zero accomplishments or qualifications.

  3. …and, that comment earns Dave this site’s first-ever commenter ban. I’ve gotten tired of his shtick, which has been ongoing for at least a year and a half now. Really, I don’t need to spend my time policing the comments here and I take a fair amount of grief, but I have my limits where it comes to commenters who just *never* do anything but launch ad hominem attacks at me.

  4. Crank, you’ll see a no-hitter eventually. The Sox didn’t get their first in my lifetime (turning 40 this year) until I was 33, and now I’ve seen four.
    I’ve never bothered to read Dave’s comments before, but good job banning him. Commenters like Dave are the reason I generally avoid the comments section of blogs. A little civility isn’t too much to ask.

  5. How about we get one this afternoon with Maine?
    Seriously, if the Mets ever get one, what are the odds that it will be someone like Vargas instead of Maine or Santana?

  6. As long as Rick Peterson is on the job, no Mets pitcher, no-hitter or otherwise, will throw 130 pitches, which is what it took Lester to close the deal.

  7. I grew up wanting a Red Sox pitcher to throw a no-hitter. I always assumed Clemens would get one and then knew Pedro would. And it never happened. Bob Ojeda almost no-hit the Yankees once. Now it’s a freaking landslide of no-hitters. In truth the Lester one is awesome and it was such a great scene, especially with him and Francona after the game.
    He probably won’t admit to it but madirish and I had a $100 bet on the game last night with a 50-1 kicker for a no-hitter.

  8. I would hope they give Lester an extra day or so of rest after that. He’s been worked pretty hard this year for a young guy who’d been on the shelf a while. I’m a big believer that most injuries aren’t from one long outing but from the repeated stress of a couple outings in a row that tear the muscle (as basically all pitching, all hard exercise does) and don’t give it adequate time to recuperate.

  9. The shame is that so many pitchers threw no-hitters after leaving the Mets, including Ryan (7 no-no’s), Seaver, Gooden, Cone (perfecto). Any others? I can’t think of any.

  10. I don’t have the full list handy but if you include guys who did it before or after the Mets, there’s like 15 of them:
    Nomo (who did it before and after being a Met)
    Cardwell, I think
    Dock Ellis
    Candelaria (that one barely counts)

  11. Nice catch Jerry, the last would hurt the most if Davey’s boys did not get past the Astros.
    Re Mets I hope this Willie/Race angle dies quickly. Holding up Isiah as an example of an unfairly treated black coach is laughable, as Crank has pointed out in the past. Herm had a long list of issues, and the media gave him every break. The same will be said of Willie before long.

  12. The Mets have millions of fans, so obviously some of them are racists. But I’ve never actually gotten the feeling that anyone I heard on the radio, read online or in the papers, or talked to in person disliked Willie because of his race. There’s certainly been more resisitance to the heavily Latin makeup of the team, for example.

  13. Of all the near no hitters I’ve seen from Met pitchers, Maine’s last fall was the toughest. Between the context of the game (holding off the coffin nail of the September swoon for one more day) the way he was dealing (14 Ks, most on I-dare-you-to-hit-this gas), and the lame quality of the hit that broke it up, I was truly sick to my stomach.
    I thought he was gonna do it.

  14. Nah, even though it was only the 6th inning the worst was the Terry Pendleton game, when Darling’s no-no was busted up by Vince Coleman bunting, which resulted in a season-ending hand injury to Darling diving for the ball and started the chain of events that led to the most painful Mets loss of my lifetime.

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