Most Fierce

judgeyou.JPGCBS Sportsline sent me an email promoting this contest to name….the “Most Fierce NFL Mascot.”
At least they didn’t say “Most Fiercest.” Be thankful for the little things.
As for the contest, other than Pat Patriot I was blissfully ignorant of any of the macots. Football just doesn’t lend itself to mascots that well, especially pro football. Although I suspect “Raider Fans” will win the poll.

One thought on “Most Fierce”

  1. Check out the opening paragraph for Fireman Ed vs. TD:
    ” The Miami Dolphins and the N.Y. Jets really hate each other, so let’s have them brawl in the opening round of the Mascot contest. You have the Jets’ unofficial mascot, Fireman Ed, who may or may not have coined the famous “J-E-T-S, Jets!, Jets!, Jets!” chant. We know this to be fact and that is he boldly leads the famous chant at all home games, much to the delight of Jets fans. Can Fireman Ed hose down the competition and advance to the second round?”
    Can anyone explain that third sentence??

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