HOCKEY: Hasek Hangs Em Up

Dominik Hasek has retired, after being part of his second Stanley Cup title team. I don’t profess to follow hockey that closely, but surely given his amazing longetivity and some of his eye-popping numbers (since they started keeping track, Hasek is the career leader in “save percentage”), I’d assume he has to be a significant part of any conversation about the greatest goalies in NHL history.

3 thoughts on “HOCKEY: Hasek Hangs Em Up”

  1. Picking 5 I would go in, no particular order:
    Martin Brodeur
    Patrick Roy (probably #1)
    Ken Dryden
    Bernie Parent
    I never saw the likes of Sawchuck, Hall or Plante play so I couldn’t comment on them and my hockey watching has fallen off greatly (what channel are they on again?) over the past few years. Maybe Tretiak (of USSR fame) would be an interesting choice but given the times, who he played for and who they played against it would be difficult to include him.

  2. Dryden went on to be, of all things, a lawyer (as well as a hockey color guy for awhile if I recall correctly). He was obviously a smart guy and he played his position as such. The Bruins just could not get the puck past that guy when it counted. If he had had the pads modern goalies wear his GAA would have been much lower than it already is.

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