Waiting For Heller

The Supreme Court will hand down the DC gun control/Second Amendment case, DC v. Heller, this morning around 10am. I won’t be covering the opinion when it comes down, but SCOTUSBlog will have the first breaking reports, and my RedState colleagues will be looking at the opinion and its political ramifications. (I had looked at the tea-leaf-reading predictions here and here).
UPDATE: Note that Barack Obama is now rendering his prior position on the case inoperative, although it remains to be seen if he will similarly flee from his long record of support for drastic gun-control measures, and of course, as with yesterday’s death penalty decision, don’t listen to what Obama says, watch what the kind of judges he would appoint actually do.

One thought on “Waiting For Heller”

  1. I like the result, but am disappointed that the usual four suspects are unable to understand what the clear intentions of the 2nd amendment are. All of the first 10 amendments were intended to limit the power of the government to encroach on the rights of “The People” who are literally all of us (save for convicted felons who lose their rights). This idea that my clearly enumerated rights are esssentially subject to the emanations and penumbras of Anthony Kennedy’s mind is disconcerting to say the least. Nonetheless, I will pop off several hundred rounds at my local range to celebrate.

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