Continuing the last-365-days view, Carlos Delgado dating back to this time last season is now batting .265/.351/.473, and is one of a reputable (not truly exclusive) club of 40 major league hitters with at least 25 HR and 90 RBI over that period (Delgado has 27 and 94). When you adjust for the Citizens Bank Park effect, that actually makes Delgado’s productivity comparable – not quite even, but comparable – to Ryan Howard, who over the same period is hitting .244/.346/.522 (with 225 strikeouts!). Granted, Howard’s stayed in the lineup more, giving him an eye-popping 49 HR and 143 RBI, but given Delgado’s age, hand injuries and early season haplessness, merely keeping the Mets competitive with Howard at first base is a major accomplishment. I remain skeptical that Delgado has enough in the tank to get another everyday job next season, but here’s hoping he has one last drive in him.

5 thoughts on “Respectability”

  1. At this juncture, Delgado is really hitting about as well as anyone has a right to expect from a power hitter his age who is apparently not utilizing Barry Bonds’ training methods.

  2. My wife is a big Carlos fan. In our home, Delgado is Big Carlos and Beltran is Little Carlos. After Big’s 2 run double yesterday, she asked me if I was done being mean to him.
    I am,
    Welcome back Big Carlos, we missed you.

  3. I was there tonight, and noticed that the outfield shift was almost non-existent, and the infield one was there, but slightly less severe. He’s changed his swing a bit. I assume it will cut down on the power numbers some as time goes on, but will also cut down the Ks. He’s still a very strong man.

  4. Was there as well, Shea is starting to buzz like 2006. Big Pelf looked good, and everybody hit.

  5. Delgado’s really hurt by Shea – his road numbers are decent enough. He’d do well in Cincinnati or Texas. Heck, he’d probably hit 30 if he went back to Toronto.

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