BUSINESS: The Man To Read

I know I tend to link a lot to my colleagues at RedState, where I am currently one of the site’s Directors; we have a tremendous and varied group of writers and thinkers on the site, and while I don’t necessarily agree with any of them all the time, we have quite a number of people who are always worth reading.
But if there’s one of my co-Contributors to the site who you really need to be reading regularly, it’s Francis Cianfrocca, who writes under the pseudonym of “blackhedd.” He’s scary-smart about Wall Street issues he knows from personal experience, he’s utterly unsentimental and willing to think outside the box, and unlike most people in the blogosphere, nearly everything he writes is 100% original content you can’t get anywhere else. And he’s been warning the rest of us about the falling sky in the credit markets pretty consistently since about June 2007. And unlike me, he’s not hemmed in at all turns from writing about these issues (I have to avoid writing in any but the most general terms about my firm’s clients, which includes almost everybody).
Here’s his stuff just from the last week:
*Explaining the root causes of the crisis.
*Henry Paulson and the First National Bad Bank of the United States.
*The AIG bailout here and here.
*The Fannie/Freddie bailout here.
*The non-bailout of Lehman Brothers here.
*Other roundups of the week’s events here, here, here and here,

2 thoughts on “BUSINESS: The Man To Read”

  1. I normally disagree with most of what I see on RedState, at least to some extent. But I find his posts excellent. Ironically, not that dissimilar to a few of the serious economic posters on Kos (who are outnumbered by the unserious ones).

  2. When I read RedState, I make sure I find his posts. He really does provide a great service, and he does seem to have his finger on the pulse of Wall Street.

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