No Relief In Sight

Among the solutions being mooted about for the Mets’ ghastly bullpen problem is relying more on hard-throwing rookie Robert Parnell…if there was ever a mark of desperation, this is it. Parnell certainly throws hard, and it makes all the sense in the world to consider him for a relief job next season, but look at his career: the guy (1) has a 4.03 career ERA in the minor leagues, (2) has made a grand total of 8 appearances above AA ball, and (3) has made just 2 appearances as a reliever in his 94 games in the minors. In 151.2 IP this season over three levels, mostly at AA, he’s averaging 0.83 HR, 3.92 BB and 6.94 K, none of those especially impressive figures.
You can make a live arm into a productive reliever even when he has a mediocre record like that, but if this is the best option the Mets have left to throw to the wolves right now, the situation is dire indeed (we saw graphically last night how this is not the time for a talented young pitcher’s growing pains). John Maine’s return, of course, would be welcome news, but at this point the only question is whether the bullpen’s implosion takes the Mets clear out of the Wild Card race, or whether it continues to haunt them in the playoffs.

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  1. I agree that it shows that the situation is dire, but you might as well throw whatever you have at the wall to see what sticks. We know Heilman is done, and we’re pretty sure Sanchez is washed up. Is there really any harm in trotting out Parnell when the other options aren’t any better?
    For that matter, why on Earth did they dump Reyes without even getting him into a single game? There must be more to that story. And where is Kunz?
    Again, these aren’t all great options, but look at what we have.

  2. Al Reyes apparently couldn’t get his velocity back. That’s what the Mets broadcasters said the other day.
    I am not saying don’t try Parnell, given how bad things are, just don’t expect much. And yeah, I might rather try Kunz at this point.

  3. just don’t expect much.
    Understood. I won’t. But I’d just rather see him in there at any point than Heilman.
    And yeah, I might rather try Kunz at this point.
    And he’s not even on the roster. That’s what bugs me. What happened there?

  4. On a related note… why did the Mets just give Omar a 4-yr extension? Not that he hasn’t done a mostly good job here, but the fact remains that we’ve done nothing to improve our bullpen for 2 years now and we’re a few games away from making 07 into a trend….

  5. I’d like to see the Phillies meet the Mets in the National League Championship Series. It would be intense.
    Two more players the teams had in common are Ritchie Ashburn and Frank Thomas.

  6. The Mets can still go all the way.
    I’m a Phillies fan who wants to see the Mets win the wild card even though they could come back to haunt the Phillies.

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