Sox-Rays Open Thread

OK, since I have admittedly been deficient in delivering baseball content lately – an open thread for readers who want to kick around tonight’s game.
UPDATE: BJ Upton goes deep! 2-0 Rays. Upton is part of the real disjunct with the Rays – this team was ninth in the AL in runs scored, but they really can be a better offensive team than that when you consider the off years and/or injuries to Upton, Crawford, Baldelli and Longoria, all of whom are now healthy.
UPDATE: Two more homers, from Pena and Longoria (again), and it’s 4-0. Dice K does not have it.
7-0. Papelbon in a 7-0 game. That says it all, doesn’t it?
UPDATE: BIG PAPI WILL NOT GO QUIETLY! 3-run homer, 7-4 Rays.
7-6 after Drew goes deep. Wow, this is a game. And that’s why you use Papelbon down 7 in a game like this.
Tie game! Amazing. It’s 2004 all over.
Best Joe Morgan line ever: Miller: “Can you analyze Joe Maddon’s managing tonight?” Morgan: “You don’t want me to do that.”
Unfortunately, he then proceeded to.
Ball gets by….Gross! Red Sox win! Red Sox win!
That was some amazing baseball. Man, the Red Sox are drawing on their vast account at the karma bank.

6 thoughts on “Sox-Rays Open Thread”

  1. I’ll use the open thread, thank you veddy much.
    When I left work it was 7-0 and Paps was coming in – tied now – just wow.
    This seems like the best thing for my Phils, extending the series and burning some arms.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that of all the “young” and “inexperienced” Rays on the roster, the one who choked was the guy with postseason experience: DAN WHEELER (Houston ’05). Can we please, please, please do away with all the nonsense about how critical “experience” is in the playoffs?

  3. Very depressing. The Sox stepped away from the ledge last night, but let’s hope the Rays can take care of business at home.

  4. My first thought was, “Omigod, they pulled a Mets!” I do hope the Rays win, and for sure beat the Phillies, but then I tell myself that Yankee fans would be even more miserable if the Sox win again. So it’s sort of mixed.

  5. No one, other than Red Sox fans and whoever the hell is broadcasting the World Series, should want the Red Sox to win the ALCS. Even as a diehard Sox fan I can recognize that.
    That being said I think you at least have to admire that team for digging down one last time and gritting their way out of the grave yet again. I’ll admit to having little confidence in Dice-K (justifiably so) in that game and it did look like they were just done. Then they went all Rocky Balboa in the 14th against Creed.
    Joe Maddon reminds me of 2003 Tito Francona. He makes or does not make moves that are puzzling and often times do not work out on the field. Clearly he has been a positive force for this team but he does some head-scratchingly odd stuff on almost a nightly basis. Francona has since cut down on the number of things he does that make you wonder (especially in the play-offs) and is as solid an in-game guy as there is in baseball now but back in 2003 it was a different story. I can see Maddon somehow giving away a game that could really hurt TB sometime this year.
    Go Sox. And someone please show Josh Beckett the tape of the Game 6 “bloody sock” game of Curt Schilling.

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