And So It Ends

World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, for only the second time in 126 years.
Not the way I wanted this season to end – it’s been a rough 7 1/2 weeks all around – but congrats to the Phillies phans out there.

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  1. I’ve been pretty down on baseball (and really busy at work) so I barely watched the post-season.
    Anyhow, even though Howard/Rollins/Utley are overrated, there’s no doubt that Hamels and Lidge and Madsen and Romero and Moyer and the rest are damn good. That pitching staff was great this year and lo’ and behold, they’re hoisting the hardware.
    The Phils were better than the Mets this year, and this just puts a cherry on that fact.

  2. Overrated? By what measure? Rollins starts a spectacular doubleplay to give them the division, Utley’s fake to first last night, while not as acrobatic displayed a savvy that does not show up in all the sabremetric bullshit that passes for knowledge in some circles. I thought the loss of Rowand would create a leadership void that would not be filled. I was wrong and proud to admit it.

  3. Have to admit that it was a treat to see the outcome of the game before the local news came on. I think MLB is on to something with the whole “play-one-game-over-a-three-day-period”.
    BTW – new trivia question: Who is the first pitcher in World Series history to shave between innings (in which he was on the mound)? Answer – Grant Balfour.
    And Crank, for extra credit, do you know which Red Sox reliever actually did the same during a regular season game (under more conventional circumstances)?

  4. “for only the second time in 126 years.”
    I don’t suppose this is a good time for jokes about stopped clocks.

  5. I keep finding the 126 years bit a little grating since the world series isn’t that old – just the franchise. Is the extra 20 years of futility really that impressive (or necessary)?
    It’s like when they state Cleveland has never won a Super Bowl ( fact) and stop speaking – ignoring their string of Championships in the pre-SB era. This artificial lengthening of droughts is no less of a artificial media created fiction than the Obama campaign.

  6. Was anybody else here present for Cole Hamels’ start against the Mets back in early September? He did not impress, either with his pitches or his lack of composure; extra-long home runs will do that, and Delgato’s second shot was a monster.
    Seriously, the way he was pacing around the mound, agitated, searching the ground for his pitch location, left me the feeling that I was watching anything but a world-beater. All goes to show I reckon.

  7. bensdad – Is it really that much better to say 2nd time in 107 years? Congrats but, sheesh, relax.

  8. As a Mets fan, I think it’s easier on me for the Phillies to win than for the Rays to have won. I only know one Phillies fan in New York, and he’s not going to lord it over me, but the damn Yankees fans go on and on about the AL being the superior league every chance they get and this will shut them up for a little while.

  9. Bensdad –
    Considering the Phillies were never even NL champs prior to the World Series, the 126 years is certainly valid. It’s not at all like the Browns who actually did win NFL titles prior to the Super Bowl era. The Phils didn’t win the NL until 1915.

  10. “but the damn Yankees fans go on and on about the AL being the superior league”
    Hank Steinbrenner may think so, but he is not representative of all Yankees fans (and thank god for that). Congrats to the Phils.

  11. “Anyhow, even though Howard/Rollins/Utley are overrated”
    I’m not a Phillies fan at all, but to say Utley is overrated is pretty silly. Over the last three years (and going forward), he’s probably the second best player in the NL. He’s both the best offensive and defensive player at his position.

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