When To Hang It Up

Thomas Wayne at Dugout Central looks at where Ken Griffey might land next season. I’m just not sure he brings anything to the table at this point…I mean, would the Mets have use for Griffey to take Endy Chavez’ job, for example? Teams keep around reserve outfielders who can do specific things, not just old guys who might or might not have one last good season in them as a part-timer. He notes that they had Moises Alou this year (lotta good that did), but Alou was coming off hitting .341. I just don’t see the upside to giving him a roster spot at this point. He’ll probably sign somewhere, but the smart move at most is a spring training invite.

5 thoughts on “When To Hang It Up”

  1. I would think Griffey could still help someone, but as was the case when Bernie Williams got to the end of the line, I don’t think the jobs available would be ones he’d want to take. Jobs on good teams go to guys who can fill a specific role. I don’t see why Griffey would want to go play left field for the Pirates.

  2. As a Pirates fan, neither would I like him playing left field for us! We already have guys who could hit .240 and 15 HRs that are younger and might have a future.
    He brings very little to the table but a great career. At best, he could DH. I don’t see how he could help a team as a full time player.

  3. I think he’d be a handy DH/corner OF in a right/lefty platoon split. But he isn’t going to want to do that. And I’m not sure a good team will want to use a roster spot on him for that.

  4. What about Jim Edmonds this year at Chicago? If someone can sign him cheap enough, its probably worth it. And Seattle could help ticket sales by signing him (maybe).

  5. Unfortunately, I think there’s a real chance the M’s give him actual money. I can’t imagine Zduriencik wants to do that, but I could see Lincoln/Armstrong handing down the edict.

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