Talking Down

So, I have reached the point with our two-and-a-half year old daughter where she actually talks down to me. Coupla examples.
1. She’s sitting on the toilet (having been potty trained earlier than her siblings) and wants me to read her a book, one with the “Wheels on the Bus” song in it. I can’t find it in her room.
Me: “I can’t find the Wheels on the Bus book in here. Do you know where it is? Can I read you another one?”
Her: “It’s the one with the stripes on the side. Now do you understand?”
2. She tells me she wants to play cars, but I can’t make out whether she said wanted to play cards or play cars.
Her: “I want to play cars”
Me: “Cards, or cars?”
Her (leaning her face in and speaking slowly and deliberately): “Say cars.”

8 thoughts on “Talking Down”

  1. I know it seems like she’s just teaching you the way you teach her. That’s what I thought, for the longest time giving my son the benefit of the doubt. Because it’s cuter that way.
    Alas, I was decieving myself. What we have are a couple of little smartasses. And if they see you snicker you’re toast.

  2. As Andy Sipowitz put it, when I feel someone needs a smack, I smack ’em.
    Disclaimer: this is not a solicitation to smacking someone.

  3. 15?…ha…wait til she is 5
    and thanks, now i have the wheels on the bus song stuck in my head…….

  4. LOL! I went back to (didnt’ really have to but I did) the beginning of this post to see that, yep, she’s two-and-a-half. Heh, those were the days.
    Lotsa luck as she gets older. You’re gonna need it!

  5. To my 3 year old, after I heard odd rumblings from the bathroom betw/ my office and the children’s bedroom:
    “Honey, don’t eat the new toothpaste”
    “Daddy, this is my own bathroom. You and Mommy have your own bathroom. Go away.”

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