Billingsley Broken

Chad Billingsley has a fractured fibula from a fall on ice. Hopefully, the prognosis of being ready to go by the spring is on target. The Dodgers have a bunch of talented young pitchers, but as the one who has proven the most so far, Billingsley’s probably the single player – even beyond Russell Martin – most important to the franchise’s future, as a 23-year-old coming off his first 200 IP/200 K season.

4 thoughts on “Billingsley Broken”

  1. Crank,
    I wonder how anxious this makes free agent players to sign and get it out of the way. Obviously, Billingsley is a young playre under the Dodgers control. Think how much difference it would make if it were Sabathia or Texieria? At this point in the process an injury to guys like those two could equal a 50 million loss in contract value.

  2. Hopefully, he’ll use the downtime to contemplate why it is bad to blame his teammates for his own crappy postseason pitching performances–he was really acting like a whiny punk during the NLCS.

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