It’s Not The Years, It’s The Miles

Quick followup to the anecdotal evidence cited in yesterday’s post: here’s the complete list of pitchers who threw at least 200 games through age 26, with at least half of those appearances in relief. As you can see, K-Rod is second on the list at 408, and the #3 guy, Terry Forster, is 65 games behind him. K-Rod trails Mitch Williams 437-429 if you include the postseason.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not The Years, It’s The Miles”

  1. If you look at his innings per year, he is at ~60 innings. This is also very high. Mitch Willams averaged ~73. Most of the rest averaged under 50 per year.
    There was alot of talk over at about K-Rod and his decreasing effectiveness over the last few years. Heck, the Pirates were never in the running for him so what did we care.
    Anyway, the conclusion was that his best years are behind him. He might give the Mets a few decent years, but he won’t dominate like in the past

  2. We got J.J.!! Sad to see Endy go and I actually do wish Aaron well, hope the change of venue helps…. but wow do I like our pen now!

  3. JJ Putz. Wow.
    It was time to get rid of Heilman – no reason to keep him if he wasn’t going to start. Hopefully Seattle will let him try for a starting job.
    Endy was useful, but has tailed off.
    Do we actually have a good bullpen now?

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