Focus on FOCA

I am pleased to announce that my political commentary will now be appearing at yet another outlet, the brand-newly-launched The New Ledger. More on TNL to follow.
As I have noted before, and as we saw previewed with Barack Obama’s executive order repealing the ban on taxpayer funding for international groups that perform abortions and Democratic plans to put federal matching funds for abortions and contraception into the stimulus package, there is no question that the new Democratic majority in Washington intends to go on the offensive in the culture wars in general, and in particular to use federal taxpayer money to subsidize and incentivize more abortions while bulldozing democratically-enacted state law restrictions on the practice and cracking down on private conscientious objectors who do not wish to participate in abortions. TNL contributor Christopher Badeaux takes an in-depth look at the Freedom of Choice Act, what it means and how it is likely to be pushed in Washington in stages rather than as a single omnibus assault that would trigger massive opposition by the Catholic Church, among others.
UPDATE: Obama appears to be backing away from Pelosi’s effort to put money for abortions in the stimulus bill.

3 thoughts on “Focus on FOCA”

  1. I thought they wanted to add contraception to Medicaid?
    Seems smart to add contraception to a program that will be handling more and more of the jobless, seeing that those who can’t afford healthcare are probably not in a good financial position to raise more children.
    Perhaps you see it differently.
    As for the Catholic Church, they have NO moral footing on which to speak to ANYONE (see the 3-decade program of hiding pedophiles around the country), so color me ‘not surprised at all’ they’ll rail against contraception for the poor yet remain silent on the issue of torture.

  2. I took a look at the New Ledger. It’s like a “best of Redstate” plus news. It certainly makes it easier to find Blackhedd’s posts.

  3. That’s about it so far, MVH. We’ll be adding new contributors soon. Also, Ben is no longer at RS – he left to run this new venture – so he’ll be only at TNL.

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