3 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. No kidding crank.
    IMO, that’s the real parallel. People use resources they do not own to their own advantage an screw the rest.
    If I was looking to defend the democrats by poo-pooing the piece, I should have said; The major difference is that MLB has been doing pretty well, profit-wise.
    Perpetually crappy teams are perpetually crappy because they make poor decisions. GMs make crappy long-term decisions because they want to keep their jobs short-term.
    Keep in mind, the genius executives that had this financial meltdown happen on their watch are not the talent that should be in charge.
    Of course, I wasn’t looking to make a political statement. I am a registered democrat, but I don’t necessarily adopt every stance Obama and the rest come up with. If the economy turns around in the next 2 years, great. If not, plan B needs to be done. Nuff said.

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