On Sabathia’s First Day, He Rested

A little perspective for panicked Yankee fans – CC Sabathia’s stat line in his first start of the season, 2006-08:
13.2 IP (4.5 per start), 7.24 ERA, 11.20 H/9 IP, 2.63 HR/9, 3.29 BB/9, 7.90 K/9. I don’t know why Sabathia can’t get himself loose for Opening Day – pick your favorite theory – but that’s his history. Last year, of course, was the extreme example, with CC posting a 13.50 ERA in his first four starts, 1.88 in his last 31.

4 thoughts on “On Sabathia’s First Day, He Rested”

  1. No based on one start, of course-but if there’s any way to justify the deal the Yanks gave CC. How can a deal of that length/money not be too great a risk, for a pitcher?

  2. As an Indians fan, it has always struck me that C.C. is so concerned about doing well that he sometimes overthrows. The wait for opening day added to the desire to justify his contract probably had him extra hyped. He’ll settle down.

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