3 thoughts on “SPORTS/ Carrying The Weight”

  1. What makes it more impressive is their time – 3:31 is a very respectable marathon in running shoes and clothes.

  2. I’m calling shenanigans on this picture — as a runner and Marine, I don’t think it’s possible to run a full marathon in boots and utilities (nevermind with a pack) in 3:30. That’s 8 minute pace! Plus I’m supposed to believe that there are three guys in the Army that could run 26 miles? Not sure I buy that.

  3. A dude pushed his wife in a standard wheelchair through a marathon in 3:15 which has to be about as tiring as carrying a pack and wearing boots.
    While these might be the only three people in the Army who could run 26 miles, I guarantee you won’t find three Marines who can count to 26.
    At least not without taking off their boots.

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