Robbed Blind

Video, if you missed it, of Jayson Werth stealing home on Russell Martin’s throw back to the mound after having stolen second and third:

You’d think a guy who already had three steals in the game would be watched a little more carefully.

6 thoughts on “Robbed Blind”

  1. I have Werth on my fantasy team, even though he IS a Philly, and did a triple-take, maybe a quadruple-take, when he showed up with four steals. I thought it must be a mistake. I love the steal of home. It reminds me of high school baseball.

  2. He stole the “cycle” that inning (if there is such a thing) — 2B, 3B and home. Rollins stole 2B behind him (but didn’t move up on the steal of home) so the Phillies stole 4 bases that inning. Russell Martin had been good at throwing out runners but was 0-7 that game including a SB by Ryan Howard.

  3. Wish this were done more often, but I have a question for someone that knows the deep boring details of the rules. I’m sure that I have seen what looked like stolen base not being credited to the runner when it is judged that there was “catcher indifference”. It seems that this happened on one of the base thefts here. I have no intention of raining on Werth’s parade, after all, he did do this against the Dodgers which makes almost anything good in my book.

  4. It looked to me that Martin was disgusted with his pitcher for not holding the runners better and let that feeling carry over to his return throw.
    Players should do things like this more often, it almost always results in more energy for the team.

  5. I also have him on my fantasy team. The Met fan in me forgives me for being really psyched by his 4 steal game.

  6. If the pitcher is going to give the runner the next base by not paying attention or telegraphing his motion to the plate, then the catcher, in this case Martin, has no chance to throw out a runner. The steal of home?… that one’s on the catcher. As mentioned earlier, Werth was stealing everything in sight. Did Martin think he was too tired to attempt swiping home???
    It may take 4 wide ones to be awarded first base but it takes a pair to steal home! Good for you Werth!

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