Dumping Dodd

The reasons for wanting Chris Dodd gone from the Senate are too numerous to recount here; briefly speaking, Dodd has been wrong on basically every national security issue for the past three decades, he’s got ethical problems out the wazoo, and while he was in bed with anyone and everyone connected with the financial crisis, he spent a year living in Iowa on a delusional presidential campaign instead of doing his job overseeing the Senate Banking Commitee. Rob Simmons, a moderate former GOP Congressman, is the leading candidate to replace Dodd, and is doing a drive to get past 400 online donations (he’s pretty close already) by close of business today. So, I’ll do my part here:

2 thoughts on “Dumping Dodd”

  1. Was not Dodd’s father also a US Senator, also with ethical problems? My memory is that he was cencured by the Senate for accepting gifts, taking bribes, receiving gratuities, or whatever face-saving term they chose to call it.

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