Not Their Halladay

Apparently the Mets have turned down a deal for Roy Halladay:

This just in via Jon Heyman
Mets rejected request of package of F-mart, Niese, Parnell and Ruben Tejada for Halladay.
This was a very reasonable request by Toronto. I would have to guess the Mets are adverse to paying the price to keep Halladay around and don’t want to give up four of their better prospects. As I said with Brian Cashman on last night’s show, and this goes double for Minaya, he better be right on these guys or he will regret watching Halladay beat him in Philly.

First of all, that’s basically the whole farm system at this juncture. Second, I don’t think Halladay helps them a whole lot this season – he’s great, of course, but the point of bringing in another guy to lose games 2-0 and 3-1 is questionable. The offense is just too weak.
Look, I’d love to get Halladay, but it mostly comes down to whether the Mets think Halladay is worth the money – even if you’re writing off 2009, as seems prudent to do, you’re getting him for 2010 as well, and if you could lock him in for a few more years at a price you can live with, he’s a decent bet to give you more value than those four guys, talented as they are. If you’re not willing to pay the money, that’s a hugely expensive rental.

5 thoughts on “Not Their Halladay”

  1. The Mets have to accept that they are done for this year. Letting the Phils win it all, if it weakens them in the long term, is not a bad thing. If the Mets aren’t willing to dish out two Santana-level contracts, they should pass.

  2. From afar, I agree with your accessment. If the deal was for a bat it would be more acceptable.

  3. Team Halladay with Santana and you’ve got one heck of a tandem for the playoffs. It is actually easier to improve the offense than to get a legitimate top starting pitcher.

  4. I have arrived at the conclusion that Fernando Martinez will never become a top level player; too much down time interrupting his development.
    But the fact is, it’s the Mets who should be doing everything to strengthen their system. Omar and Co has done a poor job of stocking the minor league teams, along with a few other poor jobs.

  5. The price for Halladay is super-high. Toronto wants 4 prospects under the rationale that they will get 2 anyway as compensation for him walking in free agency. Even for a heavily loaded club that’s a large price to pay (basically it’s your entire major league-worthy minor leaguers). I have no idea what the Phillies or Dodgers have to offer. Would the Dodgers part with Kershaw? Are the Phillies going to gut their farm system when they are on the verge of wrapping up the NL East? Seems like a lot to pay for a possible 1.5 year rental. Unless Toronto decides to take decidedly less than what they are asking for now I can’t see Halladay going anywhere this year.

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