Trade Season Open Thread

Yes, been delinquent on the baseball-analysis front here lately, I know. Have at it on Holliday to the Cards, Cliff Lee to the Phillies, and Roy Halladay to maybe nowhere.

6 thoughts on “Trade Season Open Thread”

  1. Seems like the Phils kind of half-wayed it. Lee securs the division title they were most likely going to win anyway, and might move them ahead of the Dodgers. But unlike Hallady, I don’t think it puts them in a good head-to-head matchup with the Sox or the Yankees.

  2. I like Holliday to the Card. It gives Pujols protection. Lee makes the Phillies rotation to left handed. I still think Halladay will end up with the Rangers. They have a strong farm system and are not in the AL East. He is the kind of guy that Nolan Ryan loves. He can go all the way.

  3. 1. Matt Holliday was a huge pickup for the Cardinals. If Ludwick keeps hitting as he has for the last six weeks they will be formidable. Will Carpenter stay healthy though?
    2. Lee is not Halladay, but he is one of the best in baseball. He definitely gives the Phillies a boost.
    3. Where does Halladay go? The Dodgers won’t put together a package and I don’t think the Yankees can unless they absolutely gut their farm system. The Angels won’t compete, though they could. Madirishman may be right about the Rangers. They have a deep farm and are willing to spend–that team would become interesting. The Red Sox have the cash and the prospects. They may find a big three of Halladay-Beckett-Lester to be too enticing to pass by. Prediction: Rangers (Justin Smoak, Neftali Perez and at least two more top prospects).
    4. The trades weren’t as sexy, but don’t underestimate how much Freddy Sanchez and Ryan Garko improve the Giants abysmal offense. With their pitching, even small offensive improvements are meaningful.
    5. Prediction: The Yankees can’t pull a deal for Halladay, but will grossly overpay for a starting pitcher. Zach Duke? Doug Davis? Brian Bannister? Aaron Harang?

  4. The Yankees are going to have to find a starting pitcher somewhere, and if they continue with their idiotic innings limit on Joba Chamberlain, they’ll need one good enough to start in the postseason. Being the Yankees, they are more likely to overpay by taking on a bad contract than by giving up too many young players, though.

  5. I don’t think even getting Halladay will save the Sox. I just have that feeling, that they’re kind of done. Beckett will continue to pitch well, but he’ll get a couple of losses from lack of support, and the same thing for Lester. I think they need a bat (which could come from Lowrie if he gets it going) and I’m sorry, it ain’t Adam LaRoche.
    It’s not pennant-interesting, but the Pirates…either crazy genius (5 years from now) or just plain crazy.

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