UPDATE: Consensus in the comments seems to be that my recollection is wrong and Jason is no relation to Ross Grimsley.
Jason Grimsley is apparently talking to the feds about Roger Clemens and steroids. Grimsley is something of a Zelig of baseball cheating: his father Ross was a notorious spitballer, and Grimsley has previously confessed to stealing a corked bat that had been confiscated by the umpires from then-teammate Albert Belle.

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  1. Wikipedia mentions Ross Grimsley being the son of the elder Ross Grimsley, who was also a major leaguer. But it doesn’t mention Jason. Ross Jr was 17 when Jason was born, so he’s somewhat unlikely to be his father.

  2. Well, if Jason is Ross’ son, then he should be outraged at not inheriting his father’s afro.

  3. Where is the single-payer public option?
    Where are the jobs?
    Where’s the Birth Certificate?
    What the HECK is going on around here?

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