Double Trouble

A season in three movements:
On May 13, Fernando Tatis went 3-4 with 4 RBI, raising his season average to .358/.417/.566 in 60 plate appearances. Unfortunately, he also hit into his first GIDP of the season.
From May 13 to July 24, Tatis hit into 13 double plays in 155 plate appearances, a pace at which he would have shattered the single season record in a little over 2/3 of a season. This almost perfectly coincided with Tatis’ coldest stretch of the year, as he batted .193/.262/.304 in 151 plate appearances from May 14 to July 25.
Since July 27, Tatis is not only batting .317/.370/.484 over 140 plate appearances, but he hasn’t grounded into a single double play.
It’s interesting – most players who hit into a lot of double plays will do so even when they’re going well, since sometimes you hit line drives or hard grounders right at people. But Tatis has been all or double-nothing.

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