Nuts To That

Leon Wolf disposes swiftly of the legal “merits” of ACORN’s lawsuit against Breitbart. One of Jonah Goldberg’s readers has more, although I’m skeptical of his third point, on standing grounds (as to RICO, anyway; the False Claims Act would be more a matter of finding something new, and I’m not familiar with whether you can use civil discovery to become an “original source” for qui tam purposes).
Via Ace, ACORN is also $2 million in the hole in paying its taxes.

2 thoughts on “Nuts To That”

  1. ACORN is a bunch of amateurs. Until they learn how to lose $9 billion of US citizens money, have no way to account for it, and still have the Right make excuses for them, they will always be so.

  2. As a layman, it appears that ACORN does not have much chance of winning, but clever lawyers are adept at twisting things around, and if ACORN gets a sympathetic judge and jury…????? Trials are crap shoots where any outcome is possible.

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