Respect Authority

Hey, remember when the Left’s big slogans were all about “Question Authority” and “Speak Truth to Power” and all that? Well, here’s the perfect gift for the left-wingers you know who have had those bumper stickers during the Bush years and want to get their mind right with the new Administration:
Yes, the shirt says “Respect the President of the United States.” And no, you just can’t get more rebellious and counter-cultural than that, now can you? That’ll show The Man!

10 thoughts on “Respect Authority”

  1. It is almost like they are totally full of crap. On that note-there is a link on drudge about how the media just isn’t that interested anymore in photographing caskets coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan anymore. What a surprise!

  2. dch,
    Does this mean you know believe that the irrational and unjustifed invasion of Iraq and the war against terror in Afghanistan are mistakes?

  3. Its nice to see, as Crank and I have predicted, that the left is now bad mouthing Afghanistan, the war that they “were for”. Regarding Iraq- I have schooled so many times do you need another beat down? Are you still pretending you don’t remember anything between 1990-2003, every action and comment by Clinton, Congressional Dems, UN,etc
    I guess I would try and keep changing the subject if I backed the disaster know as O’ bumbler -sit bac k and enjoy. In about 4-5 months you will start seeing the “if you could change your vote from 2008 would you polls” and by this time next year you will see people rating GWB above Empty Suit O’bumbler.

  4. There’s no point in trying to reason a lefty out of a position he didn’t reason himself into in the first place. If they even bother to think about it at all, they can always come up with some reason that what their guy did was different.
    They’ll defend Bill Clinton exhausting our cruise missile inventory on Baghdad for WMD violations (on the eve of his impeachment) because, well, that wasn’t an invasion or some weak s%#t like that. But Bush and Cheney are war criminals for actually stopping Saddam once and for all.
    I wish they’d come right out and say, “But, Clinton, see, what he did was ineffectual and that makes it all right!”
    Who even listens to these goofballs anymore?

  5. My position, like the President’s, has been consistent throughout. Invading Iraq was a mistake on so many levels that it could rank as the single worst presidnetial decision ever. The trouble spot always was Afghanistan. By pissing away years, lives and trillions of dollars on George and Dick’s Excellent Adventure, we’ve made the real mission infinitely harder.

  6. Hey look! A “real mission” diehard! You didn’t get the memo, didya, Magrooder?
    Well, brace for impact!
    The President “has been consistent throughout”?
    Too funny. I never thought watching the left crater this nation could be quite this amusing.

  7. I’m not sure what’s more amusing.
    1) The shirt
    2) The post, written with a complete lack of irony about how many things the right criticized the left about over 8 years – and then started doing
    3) Pople (like dch and spongeworthy) consistently putting up strawmen, insults and lack of an ability to put together consistent and reasonable arguments.
    I have to go with 2. The complete lack of realization that you have turned into what you criticized for so long.

  8. We’re laughing at American citizens who don’t have access to healthcare.
    There, fixed it for ya, sponge.

  9. Well Crank, it’s always nice when you and I have those rare moments of agreement (for whatever reason).
    Knee-jerk Obama supporters make me profoundly ill. And this shirt is a bad joke.
    I don’t dislike Obama nearly as much as I did Bush (too tall an order for nearly anyone), but man am I tired of his lame schtick.

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