Christie & The Boss

I thought I was a serious Bruce fan, but you know, I’ve only been to 3 shows, 4 if you count seeing him at Rockefeller Center on the Today Show in 2007; NJ GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie has seen the Boss 120 times, including 9 of 10 shows of a set and scheduling a Paris trip with his wife around Bruce’s European tour. Now that is dedication.
It’s an uncharacteristically nice piece from the NYT, but of course only in a non-substantive puff profile way; they capture pretty well the uncomfortable position for Christie being a Springsteen fan while Bruce was out campaigning against his party.

4 thoughts on “Christie & The Boss”

  1. Devotion to the Boss is strong. Lazio also was a fan even though Bruce specifically criticized him from the stage.

  2. Hopefully, Bruce knows better than to directly involve himself in local New Jersey politics – no good can come from that.

  3. Yeah Crank, much like your pro Mets/Anti yank position, I am not on board the Springsteen train. He has some songs I like, but I never got the whole Bruce is rock and roll thing. More of Led Zep, Stones, AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan fan.

  4. Re: Springsteen
    I don’t know who said this first, but I agree:
    If he’s the boss, then I quit.

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