You, Sir, Are No Gordon Brown

Noted right-winger David Corn, on the White House’s refusal to match the British commitment on Afghanistan:

It was a simple query: Would Obama also say that the United States will hang tough until the job is done? The press secretary, though, fended it off. And later in the briefing, he commented, “We cannot stay there forever.” That is not the Rasmussen position. That means the leaders of the two key forces in Afghanistan cannot agree on their respective dedication to the mission.

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5 thoughts on “You, Sir, Are No Gordon Brown”

  1. But, but this was the good war that the liberals supported. Obama told us ” he would follow Bin Laden to the gates of hell”. Was he lying? Again, I am trying to remember … how many meetings did he chair on the Afghan War when he was in charge of the oversight committee?
    Complete empty suit, bag of gas with no substance.

  2. All for war, dch?
    How we going to pay for it?
    Are you willing to support the war with a hefty tax increase?
    Only a big-mouthed, empty suit would call for more war without a way to pay for it (other than with the lives of people who don’t come to Crank’s site under the moniker ‘dch’, naturally).

  3. I notice while attacking me-you totally ignore the issue of your masters actions. Understandable. They really are indefensible.

  4. dch,
    I have stopped responding to any of Berto’s posts. It was a waste of my time to even enter into any discussions with him. I suggest you do the same.

  5. Plus there’s no way dch can defend his deficit-hawk and war-hawk stances–which are at such odds with each other.

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