5 thoughts on “Hot Streak”

  1. I had Grady Sizemore/Xavier Nady/Kevin Slowey/Morneau/Crede(ok I was tempting fate)/the 1st 2 As closers (bailey and whoever)/Coco Crisp and Blalock-and still came in 4th. Which is both depressing and encouraging.
    I got Hill, Scutaro, Suzuki, Edwin Jackson for $15 total.

  2. I hate the Yankees, but wow. it’s hard not to admire Rivera. I’m glad I got to watch his career.

  3. The only athlete you can sort of compare him to is Jordan with the Bulls, but then he came back with the Wiozards a shadow of himself. There has been no drop off yet for Rivera.

  4. As an avowwed Yankee hater I still have to give props to Mariano. He’s a legendary closer (certainly in the “greatest of all-time discussion’), he’s a horse, he’s had an ERA under 2.00 9 times in his career, his career ERA+ is 202, he’s arguably the greatest post-season reliever ever (although Papelbon has an ERA of 0.00 and a WHIP of 0.64 he does have less than 25% of Rivera’s innings), his last 2 seasons are probably the best of his career and he is a stand up guy (the tip of the hat to the cheering Sox fans on opening day 2005 was classy in a tough situation). There won’t be any arguing as to whether he goes to the HOF, just a matter of how many more years he takes the ball.

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