About Time

The encouraging thing about last night’s seesaw Dodgers-Phillies game is the promise of a tight, competitive series. The pennant races this year, aside from the dramatic and spectacularly climaxed Twins-Tigers race, were all duds, but often that’s the price of admission for a great postseason, as superior teams make for dull races. The ALDS and NLDS have been no better, despite some matchups (e.g., Angels-Red Sox) that held out the promise of excellent serieses. But they, too, were flops – some good games, but quickly dispatched. So, here’s to finally getting some quality baseball.

8 thoughts on “About Time”

  1. Via Merriam-Webster:
    Main Entry: quality baseball
    Pronunciation: \ˈkw�-lə-tē\ \ˈbās-ˌbȯl\
    1 a: a Yankee loss, value of which is enhanced by the post season.
    2 a: a Phillie loss, always a good time.

  2. “Quality baseball” would be the Philthies getting the crap beaten out of them, the highlight of which being the winning Dodger run scoring as Pricktorino muffs a fly ball that gets jammed in his maw when he trips and falls on it.

  3. I’d love to see the Yankees sweep the Angels in a walkover, but the chances for that are slim. I’m expecting the Yankees in 6.
    Dave, you have the definition wrong. Under “quality baseball, ” the dictionary simply says: “the Yankees.”
    Start spreading the news….

  4. Well, my vote is to see Cole Hammels take his knocks again some time during this series, only this time lose the game. He’s my current least favorite player, with his prissy displays whenever someone makes an error of if he feels he’s being squeezed by an umpire.
    My least favorite before him, skipping a few years, was Denny Neagle. Neagle once mentioned that Butch Huskey couldn’t catch up to a good fastball — right after a game in which Huskey took him deep twice.
    Butch Huskey, that admittedly modest talent. I loved his reply: if he thinks I can’t hit a good fastball why didn’t he throw me one?

  5. Sir, I must take exception at your desire for a competitive series. As a Phillies fan I would like, nay demand, a complete and utter hammering of the Dodgers. Seeing the pain and anguish on Tomma Lasorda’s face will make it all the more sweet.

  6. I can’t imagaine a more painful WS (as a Met fan) then having to watch Yanks / Phillies. I’ll watch, but I won’t enjoy it.

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