For My Next Witness, I Call Mr. Peanut

From AmLaw Daily, a classic Halloween tale of sexual harassment litigation. Worth reading the whole thing, but this is undoubtedly the highlight:

Cognex and its CEO, Robert Shillman, retained Lukey, and she sat in on what she remembers as a six-day deposition of Shillman. That’s when the case took a bizarre turn. Shillman–known for his sense of humor and his devotion to Halloween, Lukey says–wore a different Halloween costume to each day of his deposition. The get-ups included a priest costume (complete with garlic necklace to repel vampires) and, most memorably for Lukey, a full Mr. Peanut costume, top hat and all. One problem: The hat made the costume top-heavy, and Shillman at one point toppled out of his chair when he tried to lean back, Lukey says.

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